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UNI CHEM uses appropriate water and energy and considers about waste management in all leather manufacturing processes to audit and grade the leather production.

UNI CHEM manufactures premium leathers in LWG silver grade.
UNI CHEM also tries its best to keep the eco-friendly manufacturing principle by getting LWG audit and grade evaluation.


Eco-Friendly Energy Circulation

UNCHEM promotes nature-friendly management and
secures that environment-related management and activities are carried out
based on management policy, goals, and detailed objectives.


Enhancing Sustainability Together

Ethics Charter

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Responsible Management

UNI CHEM Declaration of Human Rights

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ESG Management Strategy | Conversion to Sustainable Manufacturing Environment


Enhancing Sustainability Together

Ethics Charter

01Transparent Management

We shall contribute to national economy development based on honest tax payment, law-abiding behaviors, and ethical values.

We shall respect all ethical behaviors to settle the transparent management and we shall represent the corporate citizenship for public interests and order.

02Mutual Cooperation

We shall promote the rights and interests of clients with the best-quality product and service and we shall fulfill the promises made with consumers and partners.

We shall establish the fair trade order with partners and shall encourage win-win growth based on mutual cooperation.

03Environmental Management

We shall regard environment as the key to corporate success and we shall create corporate values through active environmental management.

We shall lead development and distribution of eco-friendly products and shall actively support environmental management to partners to fulfill responsibilities as an eco-friendly company.

04Quality Management

We shall try our best to secure the product quality to help clients grow and develop into the leading companies based on outstanding quality.

We shall assist partners secure the quality by supporting technologies and quality for the partners.

05Information Security

We shall not leak confidential business and technical information obtained during the trade unless otherwise consented.

We shall not distort, distribute false information, or damage data of the client and partners.

06Social Responsibility

We shall create jobs continuously and shall carry out social contribution activities for community and economic development.

We shall respect each executive and employee as an independent human being and shall establish a mature organizational culture based on mutual trust and understanding.

UNI CHEM Ethics Committee



Responsible Management

UNI CHEM Declaration of Human

We seek sustainable development with internal and external clients by practicing a human right management that respects dignity and value of human being in all management activities.
Hereupon, we make a human right management declaration to fulfill responsibility of respect to human rights of internal and external clients and as value judgment criteria for all executives and employees.

One, we shall respect international standards and norms on human rights, including the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and shall prevent human rights violations in advance and strive for active relief from human rights violations.

One, we shall not discriminate based on race, religion, physical impediment, gender, academic background, birthplace, or political opinion and shall provide ethical work environment with mutual respect and mutual consideration.

One, we shall not allow any form of forced or child labor and shall improve industrial safety, protect environment, and enhance hygiene.

One, we shall guarantee right of association and collective bargaining, pursue joint prosperity based on trusts between labor and management, and seek win-win development.

One, we shall operate a channel to report complains and human right infringements occurred during the management activities and shall take immediate and appropriate measures for remedy.

All executives and employees promise to settle and spread the human right management with respect and responsibility for human rights protection.

UNI CHEM Ethics Committee
Ethical Management Report
Your valuable opinion contributes to our win-win management.
We carefully listen and handle your reports on unfair business practice, unreasonable demand, or corruption committed by our executive officers or employees.
You may report anonymously or report with name. We will make sure to manage the report thoroughly to prevent any leakage of identity.


What Can I Report?

Provision of Money, Valuables, Treat, or Convenience

· Money and Valuables : Cash, Lecture Fee, Expenditure and Gift for Congratulations and Condolences, Debt Payment, Guarantee, Cash Loan

· Treat/Convenience : Brothel, Travel/Sports, Accommodations/Transportation-Related Convenience, Sponsorship/Aid, Guarantee of Future, Cost Passing, Provision of Corporate Card

Graft, Abusive Language, Bullying, Harassment, Supporting Specific Company

Business-Related Irregularity, Corruption, Derogatory Act, Etc., Committed by Employee


Where Can I Report?


MailManagement Team, 38, Haebong-ro, Danwon-gu, Ansan-si, Gyeonggi-do

* You may visit directly or have an interview with a report manager

Internet Report


Will I Get Any Disadvantage for Reporting

In case of a real-name report, we do not disclose identity or personally identifiable information without consent from the reporter. Any attempt to find the reporter will be result in a severe disciplinary action according to the internal regulations.

Especially, reports can be registered anonymously without logging in at the report website.


How is My Report Handled?

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An investigation is determined after a preliminary procedure, including confirmation of the report’s concreteness and reliability, under the principle of protecting the reporter’s identity.
Launching Investigation
Investigation launches after determining the investigation plans on number of investigator and period. The report is investigated in the order of receipt.
Competing Investigation
After confirming whether the report is true or false based on objective evidence and investigation, the report investigation is completed. The disciplinary actions are made according to the internal regulations.
Notification on Results
If a reporter makes a report with real name and explicitly requests feedback, the reporter can receive feedback on the report handling results.