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Sustainable R&D

UNI CHEM R&D Center provides client and market-oriented products and services and it also develops innovative products

UNI CHEM invests on future-oriented innovation to improve technical competence and secure the advanced quality.

With unsatisfiable passion to find the best solution,
UNI CHEM closely cooperates with related academic institutes to develop new products, equipment, and processing technologies by utilizing its creativity and originality for future leather interior culture.


Green Leather shows the highest sustainability than other leathers and this sustainable leather developed by UNI CHEM shows ecological circulation cycle for the production line

Green Leather uses vegetable tanning agents and recovers by-products from process to recover to the nature. It also uses recyclable sources for natural circulation.

Green Leather minimizes use of resource in all fields based on optimum production route, efficient energy recovery, and modern energy management.

Green Leather produced by UNI CHEM is biodegradable based on ecological production process.

Waste Recycling

UNI CHEM set “Zero Waste” as top priority and successfully reduced total waste by 80% based on resource recycling process.

The by-products, such as residues, generated from each step are processed into animal fat or fertilizers. The raw hide pieces are also utilized as the raw material for collagen industry. The leather pieces are sold to manufacturing industry for fashion accessories, such as shoes and belt.

UNI CHEM produces long-lasting sustainable natural material with less raw hide wastes for the environment. UNI CHEM also supports a circular economy (eco-friendly economic model for recycling and sustainability) that repairs, re-uses, and recycles used materials.